Job titles to which the graduates of this program can aim to work upon are:
  • Administrative assistant

  • Sales agent

  • Classification, data entry, cost price clerk

  • Accounting, budgeting, invoicing, tax clerk

  • Insurance and collection clerk

  • Staff service and complaints clerk

  • Reception of goods, shipment of products, purchases clerk.


This training will allow students

Understand the concepts of management in the conduct of business (Finance, Management – Marketing – Transport Logistics – the stock market – the business law, etc …). Master the concepts of basic accounting and financial markets. Understand the business processes related to the international export of products and services. Use computer tools for commercial communication. To communicate in English and to converse with ease.

Employment prospects

Employment prospects are very satisfactory in this field, whether at the level of SMEs, public companies, import-export companies, banks, trading companies or insurance. The placement rate in the industry has reached 80% for students with skills in management and business administration.


International students are eligible for post graduate working visa.


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