Upon successful completion of the study program, these technicians will be able to:

  • Manage the physical, material and educational organization of the daycare service

  • Allow interventions related to the complete development and integration of the child

  • Perform interventions related to the basic care, safety and well-being of the child

  • Maintain professional relationships with parents, staff and partners

  • Manage human and financial resources

  • Organize and hold meetings

  • Achieve a personal and professional development


College Canada`s Early Childhood Education Program trains individuals who can work for companies such as

  • Early childhood Center

  • Nursery

  • Home childcare

  • School daycare service

  • Daycare center.



Perspectives Employment


Employment prospects are very good in this area and the placement rate is 90%. Graduates can work in many types of existing childcare services such as in family-run childcare centers, school-based child care, kindergarten schools and daycares. The student’s versatility is an important element because they must be able to practice in each of these care settings.


First Aid


Section 20 of the Regulations on early childhood and Article 10 of daycare Regulations specify that child educators must hold a First Aid certificate issued within the last 3 years upon completion of their training. The First Aid course must be at least eight hours in duration

The Early Childhood Education program lasts 24 months and has two internships in CPE or family child care. This can certify you to work with children ages 0-12 years. This program will enable students to understand a child's behaviour, to develop patience, communication skills and support a child's emotional growth.

International students are eligible for post graduate working visa.

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