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Students enrolled in Canada College’s Database Administration AEC program will develop a broad knowledge of the database development, design, implementation, maintenance and administration as well as Database Administrator’s tasks such as design system performance, querying the database using SQL scripts, database security and backup & recovery.


They will master the technical aspects of database administration, using several tools and platforms.

Upon the successful completion of the study program, these technicians will be able to:
  • Write and implement data management policies, standards and business models.

  • Perform research on data needs, data collection, data management policies, and access rules and data security and write the relevant checklists.

  • Implement database administration software, create databases, structure databases, create files and store data in databases and files.

  • Develop policies and procedures to access databases via networks or the Internet, as well as for their data backup & use in the event of accidental loss.

  • Conduct research and advise other information systems professionals on the collection, availability, security and uses of data.

  • Write scripts on procedures and triggers.

  • Evaluate data base performance and database improvement.

  • Lead and coordinate data transmissions teams for the development & implementation of policies with respect to standards and data models

International students are eligible for post graduate working visa.
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